Mode of Transport

Exporting your products from Timor-Leste to your customer’s destination often requires using multiple modes of transportation, including sea, air or land transport. Dili is the main access point to the country, with a large seaport and regular flights to/from Kupang, Darwin, Bali, and Singapore. You may also ship your goods via land to Kupang then to Surabaya. While choosing a mode of transport, you should consider how long it takes to ship the goods, whether the goods need to arrive within a certain period of time, the cost of transport, capacity, the safety of cargo, whether there are any restrictions of goods, and accessibility.

Before you export, remember:
  • Target markets may have different labelling regulations. It is important to verify the required labels before you ship your goods in order to clear customs
  • Provide a packing list that identifies and itemizes the contents of each container. Each container must also contain a packing list itemizing its contents.
You can work with a shipping agency to deliver your products to the target market. Most shipping agencies provide various types of transportation modes for all types of goods to various countries. Shipping agents can help you with the logistics and documentation for export. The price varies based on the volume of goods and the distance of the destination countries. The following is a list of some shipping agencies that you may contact for more information:

ANL Timor

Aldeia Moris - Foun Suco - Comoro Administrative Post of Dom Aleixo Dili
+670 331 018 3 / +670 331 088 6
See Port Schedules for more information.
Note: Call/Email to get a price quote.

Bolloré Logistics Timor

Avenida 30 de Agosto no.68 Bairro dos Grilos, Gricenfor, Nain Feto, Dili
+670 332 281 8
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle-East-South & Indian subcontinent
  • American continent
  • Africa
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Crossland Shipping Services, Lda & FedEx Express

2/F Building A, Palm Business & Trade Centre Surik Mas, Fatumeta, Bairo Pite, Dom Aleixo | Dili, Timor Leste
+670 772 555 80/ +670 331 026 1
    • Indonesia (Surabaya)
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia (Port Klang & Pasir Gudang)
    • Vietnam
    • Hong Kong
    • China (Shanghai, Ningbo)
    • Thailand (Bangkok & Laem Chabang)
    • Jebel Ali (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Note: Call/Email to get a price quote

DHL Express Lda

+670 331 156 7 / +670 772 957 13
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
See Port Schedule for more information. Get a Price Quote

Note:: Exporters should contact the shipping agency directly to get more information on price quotes, products that can be exported, and destinations available.

Which Mode of Transport Better Suits Your Needs?

Air Freight

Most perferred for fast direct routes between countries

Travel Duration

More realiable arrival and departure schedule

Time Sensitivity

Considerable more expensive

Transport Cost

Limited capacity and weight


Minimal handling, less risk of demage

Cargo Safety

Strit safety standart limits the types of goods that can be shipped

Goods Restriction

Less cogestion to access air frieght


Sea Freight

Longer transit and overall transport duration

Not all cargo is time-sensitive

Much cheaper than air freight

Most preferred for transport of heavy goods in bulks capacity

Higher possibility of demage, proper packing is critical

Not as strict as air freight, more types of goods can be transported

Heavy congestion to access sea freight is possible

Road Freight

Freight can be delivered quickly as per a set schedule

Can be slover due to traffic jams and speed limits

Cost effective and economical especially over short distances

Limited capacity dictated by size of vehicle

Minimal handling, lest risk of demage

Some countries have different road and traffic regulations. There are may be transporting restrictions incluiding many hazardous substances